Your Better Life is just a Duck Away

Your problem is not unique…

Ben Ferrum
2 min readFeb 28, 2021

As you course along in your life, big and small inconveniences will happen, these problems, obstacles are (I am sorry to break this down for you, you special snowflake) NOT unique.
80% of your problems had been encountered by somebody, someway in similar shape or form.

You have an opportunity there:

  • You can act like a crybaby (You can stop reading right here)


  • You can use the following pattern:

To solve a problem, first, you have to be aware of the problem. Simple as that, you have to increase your awareness, there are multiple ways to do it. (I recommend Sam Harris Waking Up App Android, IOS), the simplest way is to set a reminder on your phone to take 3 deep breath to your belly every time you unlock it.

After your awareness is increased you can do the second step which derives from the fact that your problem is not unique, and with the increased awareness you can notice patterns. (Journaling could also help).

With your noticed pattern of what you want to strengthen or eliminate, you open your favourite search engine (DuckDuckGo, Google or if you like to live dangerously Bing :D ) and look for solutions.

Because there will be an article, an app, a video, a Twitter thread, a book, a podcast about your problem pattern. You are not alone, get help, take action.

There is also a meta-question of which problem to attack, which pattern to strengthen, which is a whole another discussion, and I just want to leave you with some pointers.

First, you want to stop bleeding literally and metaphorically by solving the highest pain problems. After that, you can use the question: What is the One thing which you can do to make everything else easier or unnecessary?

This question comes from Gary Keller’s book (The One Thing), this book gives you the help to find the highest leverage, to solve your problems.